The Tragedy of Dogmas The Tragedy of Dogmas

The Tragedy of Dogmas

ISBN: 9789464052091

Auteur: Folkert Castelein
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  • 9789464052091
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    The Tragedy of Dogmas

    The Tragedy of Dogmas

  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9789464052091
  • Druk: 1
  • juli 2020
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    Do we survive as a species of 10 billion people on Earth? Then we must build our society better and quicker than so far using our collective brain. Freedom, inclusion, and respect for all? This study shows that our dogmas are a tragedy for the development of our civilization on earth. We are a fast growing population on a planet with limits. Increasing inequality is a threat. Too many are living in the past with dogmatic religion, nationalism, racism, and many are living in fear for the future or in hatred because they feel left behind. There is too much egoism in the world and too many groups do not meet each other anymore. Nation-States and related geopolitics are old thinking. The secular, liberal, democratic society seems to be the best political model we developed measuring the decrease of violence, discrimination and repression, and the increase in freedom of speech, human rights and dignity, but the number and quality of real democracies is decreasing and alternatives are available (China). The rich, and the populists, "buy' the society. A democracy needs maintenance. More on the website:
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    juli 2020
    Folkert Castelein

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