Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise

Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise

ISBN: 9781578605446

Auteur: Tom Bricker
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Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise

Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise

Engels 9781578605446 januari 2013 E-book 75 pagina's Adobe ePub


Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise is a collection of more than 200 photos from one single operational day in Disneyland, specifically ''One More Disney Day,'' which was an event on Leap Day 2012 at Disneyland. On ''One More Disney Day,'' Disneyland was open 24 consecutive hours. Tom captured all of the photos in the eBook during the course of that morning, day, night, and second morning. In so doing, Tom was one of the crazy Disneyland guests in the park on ''One More Disney Day'' from start to the very finish snapping hundreds of photos along the way to document the day.Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise highlights some of the best photos that Tom captured on that single operational day in Disneyland and presents them in one attractive eBook. Throughout the book Tom presents tidbits of trivia, such as the inspiration for the original Tomorrowland Moonliner and why Snow White was ultimately added to Snow White's Scary Adventures attraction in Fantasyland. If you're a fan of the Disney theme parks, you'll enjoy this fresh and beautiful look at one day in Disneyland.
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Taal: Engels
Adobe ePub
januari 2013
Tom Bricker

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