Creative Potency Creative Potency

Creative Potency

ISBN: 9781301921683

Auteur: Kayleen Parr
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Creative Potency

Creative Potency

Engels 9781301921683 augustus 2013 E-book Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


In order to understand Life one needs to understand oneself resonantly. In doing so one understands both one's past and one's future. Over and above that, one understands the world, the universe, the greater Life that one is a part of.One's experience of Life is governed by the feeling "quality' of the reality base claimed for oneself. Feelings resonate vibrationally. They not only draw things to one but govern one's thought system. Resonant qualities, born of thought and feeling, ripple throughout the whole universe drawing to it like vibrations of this world, of other worlds. As a universal language and communication system resonance, when fully understood, allows one to claim one's authentic, radiant identity.Becoming aware of oneself as an intricate energy system, in a universe of dynamic energy systems, fields and vortexes, opens doorways to understanding unavailable before. It brings an expanded sense of Life to one rather than that attached to "just a body, separate, on its own'. It also gains one great understanding in regard one's connection to the electromagnetic ocean, its effect upon one's life, enabling one to restore one's internal environment to a harmonious balance with the natural rhythm and flow of Life.Kayleen writes about the underlying processes of Life. As a retired Hypnotherapist the fields of Attitudinal Healing, Psychic Energy Dynamics, Resonant Linguistics and Holonomic Resonance became Kayleen's known. Each step was a doorway into the other, each one a preparation needed to understand the other. Helping others to understand the resonant nature of their vibrational reality base together with the radiant quality of their human energy field, is the focus of her life today.Now Semi-retired Kayleen acts as a Civil Celebrant in Australia, working always to bring all that learned into effect no matter what the activity.
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Auteur 2:
Kayleen Parr
augustus 2013
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