Heal the Lands Heal the Lands

Heal the Lands

ISBN: 9781456740566

Auteur: Jenn Woodruff
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Heal the Lands

Heal the Lands

Engels 9781456740566 mei 2011 E-book Adobe ePub


Aster had a good life. The daughter of the captain of the castle guard, upon the untimely death of her father, she was adopted into the royal family when she was fifteen years old. She was being groomed to be the next great healer of Aldora, and adviser to the king since she had proven her worth in the local villages and castle. She was content with her life. But now, strangers from the north came and upset the delicate balance that was her life - strangers she did not trust, and one that unlocked a longing within her that she had yet to understand. In a whirlwind of happenstance, her life is threatened, her heart is bruised, and her trust is broken. Now Aster is forced to accept that everything she had known about her past is false. She must leave the only home she has ever known, the family she loves, and the people she cares to undertake a perilous journey into the northern kingdoms to fulfill a destiny she never wanted... As a Ranger, Calis was used to being alone and generally underestimated. He liked life that way. He kept out of the way of the kingdom of Boradin, his sworn enemy. He had his own quest to complete before time ran out, and that was infinitely easier without unwanted mounting expectations. He was focused, driven, unwavering in his mission. Meeting Princess Aster changed everything and yet changed nothing. She intrigued him, and he suspected her feelings might be growing. That was a problem, most especially for her. The best thing he could do was to leave in order to save her from himself. Little did he know the truth about this princess and how she would heal the lands...
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Adobe ePub
Auteur 2:
Jenn Woodruff

mei 2011
Met illustraties
Adobe ePub

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