Wild Edged Magic Vol. 1 Wild Edged Magic Vol. 1

Wild Edged Magic Vol. 1

ISBN: 9781466114159

Auteur: Simon J. Cooper
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Wild Edged Magic Vol. 1

Wild Edged Magic Vol. 1

Engels 9781466114159 oktober 2011 E-book Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


The Wild Edged Magic series is united by characters that break rules with their magic. The first five stories collected here range from traditional to contemporary fantasy, with an emphasis on alternate worlds.First up is, The Magician's Father. Ray, a magician prone to wild experiments, becomes ill with the equivalent of Alzheimer's, and his son, the country's leading Grandmaster of Magic, is forced to confront their fractured past and the violent death all magic user's face.In The World Within, Mira has power, but her magic is wild and untrained. Icanos is a sorcerer's apprentice, his studies incomplete. When Icanos is taken to the World Within by a force seemingly more powerful than both of them put together, can Mira hope to rescue him?The third in the series is The Lost Diamond. Chuang Tzu, ancient deity of the Tao, is caught between a diamond and a promise, or a rock and a hard place. Whichever way he turns, someone's going to have to pay for a slice of deity magic.In Fair Warning, Malkin survives where no one else can, in the crater, a chaotic wasteland of ever shifting magic. When they come from the Kingdom searching for crystals, the source of magic, Malkin helps some, and lets others die, but when a boy called Flint comes looking for Malkin, which way will it go for them both?Fire Hands sees sixteen-year-old Stacey alone in a car in the desert with Drew, a guy she's known for less than one day. That might be fine, or it might not, but what's definitely not fine is the spontaneous magic force burning buildings down around her, and which will kill someone unless Stacey learns to control it.
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